Wine & the City tour spring 2019 info package

Make every minute count!

This trip is an unforgettable journey through the Bulgarian world of wines, grapes and regions. Experience and enjoy selection of quality wines while learning about the wine making process, local cuisine and culture. 

VinoAmore is taking care of all trip related practicalities, so you can just relax and enjoy. To enhance your experience, we compiled a small tour guide to help you prepare for this unique adventure.

What is included in the trip?
What is not included in the trip’s price?
How to prepare before the trip
Alcohol allowance in the luggage and how to pack it
Plovdiv - must see
What to do in Sofia during free time
Useful phrases


What is included in the trip?

  • Transportation from and to the Sofia airport
  • All transportation included in the tour’s itinerary
  • 2 nights in the five-star Arena di Serdica Boutique Hotel in Sofia, the hotel is located around the remains of the roman Amphitheatre of Ancient Serdica, which date back to the III-IV century
  • 1 night in the luxurious Hotel Residence City Garden in Plovdiv
  • 1 night in the boutique art hotel Maison Copsa situated at the family-owned winery
  • 4 breakfast in the hotels on all days, except Day 1
  • 5 lunches with wine
  • Guided walking tour of Plovdiv
  • Guided walking tour of Sofia
  • Sofia wine walk with local wine specialist
  • Wineries Visits with Wine Tastings and presentations with specialists
  • Visit to Bachkovo Monastery
  • Tour operator insurance from Iana Tour Bulgaria LCC in case of non-provision of services
  • Finnish-Bulgarian Expert Guide Services during whole trip

What is not included in the trip’s price?

  • 4 gourmet dinners in best restaurants in Sofia and Plovdiv on all days, except Day 5
  • Extra meals and beverages not mentioned in the tour description
  • Tips
  • Private transfers
  • Medical insurance (please, consult your insurance provider)
  • Extras and incidentals

How to prepare before the trip

  • Overall weather during the trip: mild and nice spring weather, on average 12-15 but can drop to 5 degrees in the evenings. It can be humid, if the sun is shining it can get quite warm. Might rain at times.
  • Please take care of any medical needs before the trip. Visit your doctor to get check-up, and see your dentist if you need any work to be done. If you use prescribed medicine, stock up before the trip. Pack along your prescriptions and one for contact lenses or glasses if you use them.
  • Make a list of valuables that you are bringing with you (such as electronics). Include serial numbers, makes and models, phone IMEI number, take photos of your items to serve as a record for the police and insurance company in case of any thief incident.
  • Attend your household needs. Give a copy of the itinerary to a family member or friend along with contact details to Snejana Eskellinen, VinoAmore 
  • Money
    The lev is the currency in Bulgaria. 1 euro is 1.95 lev. In most places vendors accept card payments, however it is not a rule, therefore it is recommended to have some cash. In the city, there are ATM machines available for immediate withdrawals. The gourmet dinners with wine selections may cost around 50 euros.

Packing tips: 

  • Luggage (max 23 kg) and carry-on (max 8kg), please research on the items allowed on board
  • Documents:
    Passport or EU id card (drivers licence is not a valid EU id document)
    Airplane ticket
    Copy of your travel insurance
    Prescriptions, if needed
    List of valuables
  • Clothes and accessories:
    good shoes for walking, smart casual outfit for the evenings, sunglasses (if needed), umbrella or rain coat, small bag pack for daily trips

Alcohol allowance in the luggage and how to pack it

Within EU, it is allowed to carry in the main luggage up to 90 liters of wine (120 bottles) for private consumption. If you wish, Vino Amore can advise you if you wish to purchase wines from the wineries or shops and send them to Finland.
Tips for packing bottles in the luggage


Day 1, 26 of April
5 am - meeting point near the gate at Helsinki airport
Arrival to Sofia- 12.25h (LH 1702)
Lunch with wine аt Grape Central  - 13.30h
Check-in to centrally located Arena di Serdica Boutique Hotel in Sofia-15.00h
Sofia City Tour Walking- meeting in the hotel lobby at 16.30h
In the evening, a dinner with wine selection in a Krag Bistro - a recently nominated in the Bacchus Magazine for best creative kitchen. Krag is a modern, urban bistro offering signature cuisine with good quality Bulgarian wines- 19.30h
Day 2, 27 of April
Breakfast inn the hotel
Leisure time to walk and explore the city 
Lunch with wine at Bistrello restaurant  ul. "Knyaz Boris I" 66, Sofia, Sofia City- 13h

Sofia Wine Walk- 15.30h (meet at the Russian monument)
Free time in town
Gourmet dinner at Bulgarian fusion restaurant Karmare Sofia, „Kniaz Boris I“ str., No 105-  20:00h 

"Our goal is to show you the traditional Bulgarian cuisine that has been embedded in our minds and transferred to present. Living here and now, we can show you the beauty of the food served in a way you’ve never expected. We will introduce our vision for progressive cuisine, which will give you a sense of complete delight over the senses."

Day 3, 28 of April

Breakfast and departure to Plovdiv 9:00h
Visit to Bachkovo Monastery
Lunch at the local restaurant with a glass of wine
Accommodation in Hotel Residence City Garden
City tour walking- 17:00h
Meeting and dinner at Gourmet Restaurant Momento in Plovdiv's Old Town 20:00h
Day 4, 29 of April
Departure to wineries and wine-tasting 9:30h

Visit the Bessa Valley Winery
Visit and Lunch at Villa Yustina Wine and Farm

Transfer to Chateau Copsa 
Accommodation in Maison Copsa 
Free time
Gourmet Dinner- at Chateau Copsa Winery
Day 5, 30 of April
Breakfast and departure to Sofia 10:00
Visit and lunch at the culinary school in Sofia - prepare lunch and taste the wine 12:30
Free time before departure
Transport to Sofia Airport 16:45 and  return to Helsinki-flight departure 18:55h

Map of the full itinerary


Plovdiv - must see

Kapana - once an artistic heart of Plovdiv, a vibrant district full of hipster cafes, chilled art galleries and art spaces, workshops, boutiques and lively bars and restaurants.

What to do in Sofia during free time

Take a walk:

  • The City Garden park in front of the Theater Ivan Vazov.
  • South Park, located in front of Paradise Mall, is one of the biggest park in Sofia.

Discover cultural spots:

  • Alexander Nevski Cathedral - must see landmark, the cathedral was built in commemoration of the help of the Russians to free Bulgaria from the Ottoman Empire. 
  • Saint Sofia Temple, famous for its icons, is the second oldest church in Sofia. 
  • Russian Church, is the place of the tomb of Saint Nicolas. According to the legend, if you leave in the mailbox next to the tomb a paper with a wish, it will be granted. 
  • Museum of Natural History were you can learn about rare ir extinct animals from Bulgaria and other parts of the globe.
  • National Art Gallery, just in front of Nevski Cathedral, the exposition features works tracing the path of Bulgarian art and other.

Go for shopping:

  • Vitosha Boulevard is the Champs Elysées of Sofia, full of stores, restaurants and cafés.
  • Shishman Street is famous for its night life and design shops.

Have snack or drink:

Corso fine food & wine - bar and restaurant across from Russian church (10 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd)

One More Bar - ideal to relax with a cocktail and music (12 Shishman Street)

Social Café Bar and Kitchen - a cozy place with great design, ideal for a coffee and a dessert after lunch (16 Vitosha Boulevard)

Sputnik Cocktail Bar - Sofia's Best Cocktail Bar 2017 & 2018 (17 Yanko Sakazov)

Memento - laid-back atmosphere, music and drinks (32 Vitosha Boulevard



Useful phrases

  • Hello - Здравейте (Zdravejte)
  • How are you? - Как сте? (Kak ste?) / Reply: Good, thank you. And you? - Добре съм, благодаря. А Вие как сте? (dobre sãm, blagodarja, A Vie kak ste?)
  • What is your name? - Как се казвате? (Kak se kazvate)
  • My name is… - Казвам се ... (Kazvam se ...)
  • Where are you from? - Откъде сте? (Otkãde ste)
  • I am from… - Аз съм от ... (Az sãm ot ...)
  • Good morning - Добро утро (Dobro utro)
  • Good afternoon - Добър ден (Dobãr den)
  • Good evening - Добър вечер (Dobãr večer)
  • Good night - Лека нощ (Leka nošt)
  • Goodbye - Довиждане (Doviždane)
  • See you soon - До скоро! (Do skoro)
  • Till tomorrow - До утре! (Do utre)
  • Cheers! (Toast used when drinking) - Наздраве! (Nazdrave)
  • Have a nice day - Приятен ден (Prijaten den)
  • Bon appetit - Добър апетит! (Dobãr apetit!)
  • Excuse me - Извинете! (Izvinete)
  • Sorry - Съжалявам! (Sãžaljavam)
  • Help! - Помощ! (Pomošt!)
  • Please - Моля (Molja)
  • Thank you - благодаря (blagodarya) / Reply: добре дошъл (dobre došãl) or Моля (Molja)
  • Where is the toilet? - Къде е тоалетната? (Kade e toaletnata?)
  • I love you - Обичам Ви (Običam vi)